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i asked an imam what he thought of divorce he said even jokes of arguments when both parties are upset divorce might be better and I said surely 3 mths of counselling should fix it if all goes well what do you think of the imams position - leave him alone - ask someone else???

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@happymuslim, in islam there is that which permissible and that which is better, know that the blessing are in doing what is better, I give an example:Allah says in the quran that it is permissible to marry four wives, but it is best to have one. Divorce is permissible though Allah hates it, but it is best to reconcile by mutual consultation (42:38). Divorce is not the bestway I don't why that imam said that , divorce is the last result. Allah in his hikmah made it obligatory to have a peroid before the divorce is final, this gives the couple a chance to reconcile and to make sure nothing is in the womb. I pray this helps. Salaam

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