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Salam everyone. I am a senior girl in high school and i have been feeling very depressed. Ever since school started, i haven't been able to have a day of happiness. I am sad because i have test anxiety and so my studies have been weak, my friends at school do not seem to like me and i feel so unhappy because i'm trying to do everything for them but they don't notice my presence, they weren't like this before but now are and they make me feel very left out. & i have several other issues at home. I feel so unhappy. I don't know what to do. I recite certain dua's but i need more, and forgive me for saying this but reciting dua's is amazing but i cant seem to get a result out of them. I am very depressed to the point where i am becoming suicidal. I do not know what do. I have been strong for a while and i feel like everything is going wrong. I want to cry and talk to somebody, but they won't understand. Only Allah can, but i'm hoping he gives me something soon to be very happy about. Please give me a dua that really does help me! And please make dua for me. I want to be successful and not feel so left out, and i want to forever believe in Islam, but my faith is becoming weaker and unfortunately, so am i. Please forgive me for saying such a thing, but i am truly helpless and very, very depressed.

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Sister i red you post i think you have not mentioned offering 5 times prayers. offer 5 times prayers and this will also increase your eman level InshaAllah and do cosider medical treatment to cure depression

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You can only be happy if you choose to be happy. Stop chasing ur 'friends' and don't act weak. Walk and act purposefully with ur back straight - literally. It will help. Find something to do too - a hobby or something. Also, if you don't like ur school, then one of the only things u can do is just work hard and try since that's the only thing you can still try and succeed in. You also have to listen to all those other sayings - they're there for a reason; don't waste ur life, and stuff like that.

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main thing - don't get yourself into an empty circle plenty support network needed

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Assalamua'laikum my sister,

I feel your situation and hope you will get better, Ameen.

Feeling depressed is a normal thing sister, but to know a way out is a challenge. I have feeling depressed so many time but NOT TO SUCCUMB to it is a life experience and reality. It's hard, I know.

You may try to divert your energy on something new. There are billions of people out there who will make friends with you, go out and reach them. I'm sure you have hobbies. Connect with them the way that Allah guide you in Islam way and ALLAH will help you.

I believe what you are experiencing now is just Allah's way to make you stronger in future and to increase your level of Imaan. Remember that Allah will not test you more than what your Imaan can hold. Allah knows better.

Committing suicide or crime are just a Syaitan whispering in those who are at a weak state in their heart. It doesn't solve your problems at all. Believe me that once you have recovered your strength and your will, you will be very grateful to Allah.

If you have reach the state where you cannot believe in yourself anymore, remember that Allah and Allah alone still believe in you. I passed this stage.

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There are some animation movies i want you to watch, if you don't mind, it my favorites:-

  1. Legend Of The Guardians (2010)
  2. How To Train Your Dragon

I found some of my motivation there, if you can find them..

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