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Hi, I'm 2 month pregnat from a muslin married men, he just get married last year, we dating almost 5 years, we living in USA, he's wife live in kosovo, they have no children together, when I told him I'm pregnat he told me get an abortion, I said No, he told me never call me or text me again you are in you're owne, I'm planning to have the baby cause I'm feel is some union betwen me and him, don't know how this will going, but I'm feeling very happy to be bless by God for have his baby

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Please seek sound advice from someone who knows Islam well. Because I don't know much about this I can not speak for it. Please ask An Imam or Scholar. If I find some information I will let you know Insha Allah. Salam

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I don't know what expect from him?

(Sep 20 '13 at 21:04) Blerababy Blerababy's gravatar image

I don't know how ask to that person, sorry is my 1st time here

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Well sister I don't know of any here. But hang in there and Insha Allah if I don't have the answers I will Insha Allah find someone who does. Be patient my dear. Salaam

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Have a look at the answer given on the link provided below. The situation is somewhat similar to yours. Are you a Muslim? I am asking because the answer is directed at a Muslim who has some knowledge of Islam and its teachings.


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Brother there is a big difference as this man is Muslim and married to another woman. Salam

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Yes there is a difference. The difference is that one is married; the other one not. The similarities howerever are greater. Both committed zina and walked away from the result. Married or not married, it makes the act of walking away from their responsibilities no lesser. But in consideration to each one's behaviour in choosing to commit this unspeakable act they only differ in their pre-existing situations ie one is single; the other married. What is important is to repent, thus my question : Are you a Muslim? To repent, this is a pre-requisite.

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Then, there is the question of baby's welfare and support that's required in the meantime and with its arrival. My question and reference to the similar question was the initial step taken to provide some guideance and by no means final. May Alaah provide that guideance and bless you for the good in your intentions. Salaam

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No I'm not muslim,

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And I'm very hard working women, my family will support me with any decition I'm taking,

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And what happen with the family, they know I'm pregnant, how about them, just ignore a child, they are relate to them,?? Can't believe a guy who will have his 1st child with me, he have no child with the wife, how they have a heart to walk away ??

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As you may have already perceived, your situation is a serious one as sexual relationship between a man and a woman without valid marriage is sinful and goes against Sharee‘ah (Islamic Law) and morality. The man involved is married thus this compounds the seriousness of the situation to a greater degree.

By seeking help from any Islamic body or person of knowledge (a Scholar or an Imam) you will be provided with an answer that complies with the Shareeáh ie Islamic Law. As sister had mentioned in the first instance, you do need to seek the guidance of a Scholar or an Imam. Salaam

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