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Assalamu alaykum. Please i want you to enlight me the prohibition or not of a muslim to use the rule of law other than qur'an and sunnah,likewise is western education halal or not,thirdly is it okey for a muslim to follow non-muslim as his leader ? Regarding what is happening in nigeria,i need to know i am confuse.

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Waalaikumusalam warahmatullah. Brother, Al-Quran Nul-Karim and sunnah are the trust that was given by our beloved Prophet Muhammad shAllahu Alaihi Wassalam(s.a.w). If you're able, i suggest you to move/hijrah from your country/home if you feel uncomfortable with your own but ask your parent first because their are your priority. Hijrah is sunnah. Our Prophet Muhammad s.a.w, also doin hijrah for His pleasure and also to dakwah. But as long as you are confident and not afraid to live your life there, there will not be a problem. Remember my brother, Allah The Watchful, The Knowing, Ya Rahman Ya Rahim will always hear your doa. Ask Him, make doa my bro, insyaAllah. waAllahutaalaalam. Wassalam.

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