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Please brother/sisters tell me the authentic way of observing the salat,and what to say in every step of the salat? may Allah be with you all,my bro/sisters in Islam

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wa alaikum el salaam, the intention's place is the heart, and it is a must so you might know which salaah you are establishing.. while the intention with the tongue is not so important.

when rising from rukuu we say "sami'a Allahou leman hamidah".. and then we say; "rabbana wa laka el hamd" (all before soujoud) then say Allahou Akbar and prostrate/soujoud.

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stand up to the direction of kaaba(qibla) and say "Allahou Akbar" means Allah is greater(than anything in front of your eyes or in your mind)(leave everything behind)(very important to focus in being in front of Allah the Lord of the worlds)..

Then recite sourah number one in Quran (El Fatiha), then a small (or long) sourah or some of the verses of Quran while standing.

then say Allahou Akbar and bow(do rukuu) and say; "Sobhana Rabbiy-al Azeem" (three times))=exalted is my Lord the Great)

then rise saying "Sami'a Allahou l-man hamidah"= Allah heard/listened to one who is thankful/praiseful.. then reply "Rabbana wa laka el hamd = our Lord and to you is the praising.

then say Allahou Akbar and prostrate down(sujud), and say "Sobhana Rabbiy-al Aala" (three times)(-exalted is my Lord the High)..

say Allahou Akbar and sit until you are settled and then say Allahou Akbar again and prostrate once again saying same thing three times.

say Allahou Akbar and stand up once again.. now you finished one rakaa.. to continue second rakaa you should do same as first rakaa.. recite fatiha...etc

at the last rakaa you should read while sitting after the second prostration the "tashahoud"(please let me know if you do not know it).. and then say Al salamou alaikum wa rahmatoulla to right and to left.. and so terminate your establishing of salaah

Also in the second rakaa and after second prostrating and while sitting we read half of the tashahouda till the part "ash-hadou anna laa ilaha illa Allah wa ash-hadou anna Muhammadan Rasouloullah."

also notice that Salah el Fajr/Sobh and Maghrib and Eishaa the sourah of Fatiha and small sourah are recited in loud voice while Duhr and Asr are recited in secret(just moving the tongue without loud voice)..

In case of salaah consisting of more than two rakaa we recite souraht el fatiha only in the third and forth rakaa without other verses.

Al salaamou alaikum

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Please what of the intentions before starting the salat,how put it? And when rising from bow(ruku),to the standing position,before going to postration,is there anything to say silently after saying Allahu akbar. Thanks,may Allah increases you guys in knowledge. Amen

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