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Asslamu alykum I am a muslim frm nigeria,there is jihad going on day-by-day,they claimed that western education is haram,because: 1 there is togetherness among girls/married women with males that are far related to them. 2 they said the salutation done while national anthem is recited[which is usualy happen to be a country flag infront of the people] 3 they said the usual school holiday given for chrismas and weekends are forbiden to muslim.what can u say about that ?

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Waalaikumusalam warahmatullah. Bro, im muslim from malaysia. The true jihad to me is 'jihaddinnafsi' that is against our desire/lust and to sacrifice our feeling. Rasulullah SAW said, translation: "We just returned from a small war to lead an all-the great war." Even if you live in a world of desire country, if you fail to fight your feeling/desire/lust, you maybe will fail to live your life. Im just a normal person like you Abdulhameeeed. We all just passing this world to lead a better place. InsyaAllah. Amin Ya Rabbi Alamin.

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Am a Nigerian as well, In my own opinion I thought they are heartless and a group of killers. Islam is purely a religion of Peace and harmony and Allah demand that we seek knowledge throughout our existence.If they are against western education why can't they covince the World by exemplary way of life? Instead these idiots bomb everywhere wasting thousands of innocent souls they cannot create.Now genuine Muslims who love peace are afraid to do everything here infact employment is a big issue once you are a Muslim.Every company go apply with Ijab if its not controlled by an Honest Muslim you are tagged boko haram.May Allah assist us and increase his Light upon Islam

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Education in the west is no more different then the education you can gain in your own respective country.

Rather in Jordan I took in Grade 10 what a university Student was taking in his 2nd year.

If there is a better education or an equal education available in your country, then do not leave seeking the education in a country filled with prejudice against your religion and a wide acceptance of the kafoor of homosexuality.

I country which promotes sex in the form of "safe sex" and which does not condemn ABORTION and also supports the idea of Evolution as a FACT in universities and Religion as a FAIRYTALE.

Why would I seek a life in the west? The people of genocide and colonization? Unless it was a must and I had no other way.

I am in the west, I admit but I wish I wasn't sometimes when I see this disrespect to women and shameful acts this "look the otherway" prospect when it comes to Abuse and hate crimes and racism.

I am a muslim and this is my testimony I do not live to hurt I live to heal, I live for Allah and I pray to Allah, I trust in Allah and I love Allah, I am a Muslim and I am proud, I am afraid of the Hereafter and I act upon what Allah has guided me too.

My religion is Islam and I am happy.

My religion is Islam and I will not call people things like Jihidi's that is a deformation of the word Jihad fe sabel Allah.

I will not call suicide bombers muslim extremists.

Nay, I shall call them by a name that DOES NOT ASSOCIATE THEM WITH MY RELIGION

I do not sympathize with murder of the innocent, and it is not justified even If the army of these people are oppressing your country. every muslim knows this, and because of this no suicide bomber should be called a Muslim or even an Extreme muslim that has an negative effect on the way people see Islam in general.

Nay If I called the KKK Extremist Christians, or Crusadies! or whatever It would have the same effect.

Stop referring to the actions of Kafireen and connect it somehow to Islam.

Stop coming on muslim forums and calling yourselves muslims and try to cause the Muslimeen to fight each other and further disconnect,

The law of Islam Shariah is obvious, The Haram and Halal is obvious the Qur'an is obvious and any complication comes from al kafireen.

I can tell you what is haram and what is halal with great ease, I can get the meaning of a hadeeth very easily.

So why do you claim so many have a misunderstanding and think that Allah tells them to harm others injustly?

Because this is a lie and I believe that this "problem" is non-existent a couple of explosions here and a couple of explosions there and now there is a so-called problem that Muslims are evil.

How is the actions of a couple hundred people connected to the 2 billion followers of Islam?

Christianity has more extremists then Islam, and it is annoying how the Kafireen make it seem like Islam is so complicated and confusing when it is VERY CLEAR.

There is no problem here, the only problem is The attack on Islam and the fact that Islamic countries are run by Fake muslims.

Other then that all the jihadist al qeada and taliban are complete lies backed up by a couple video's on youtube.

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