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Assalamu alaikum,

I am in need of an scholarly advice. My heart is inclined towards a sister for marriage. She seems to have a good character. Her appearance tells me that she has a lot of respect for this religion and what ever she does is to please Allah. She is a practicing Muslim and I believe that she has all those qualities that I am looking for in a woman. However I am confused on how to send a proposal to her. Note I know the way how Islam teaches us to send a proposal which is through your Wali (Guardian) e.g. Father to talk to her parents. The problem here is that I don't know how to find her contact information. Like I would need her home phone in order for my parents to make a call and to visit them. My family members don't know them or anyone who might know them either. I know a muslim brother of mine who has a sister who knows her and can talk to her about this and get her home phone number? Is that permissible is Islam? I don't want to approach her directly and ask for it or ask one of her sister friends to ask for the number because the problem here is I am not supposed to talk to na mahrams in Islam and I want to take every step accordingly to what my religion tells me so I am confused how to find her contact information. Can someone here with knowledge regarding this matter help me?

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as i am not scholar but i give you suggestion you should first contact with the brother (friend ) that he talk with his sister regarding this matter and get her phone number and then give that phone number to your parents they contact them via phone to meet the family. Send your family to her home for marriage proposal.

You should stay away regarding this matter just involve your family to her family let them decide every thing regarding marriage

May Allah gives you every thing which is beneficial for you

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Jazak Allah Khair brother for your help.

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