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As the title states, I wish to convert into Islam, I've recited Ash-hadu An laa Elaha Ella Allah wa Ash-hadu anna Muhammadan Rasulu Allah. But now the problem is that there is no Muslim population in my town and so I'm a bit lost, I've no one to guide me, I don't know how to prayer, I don't really know basic things of Islam because I've only recently started researching it. :/

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asalaamu alaykum all praise is due to Allah for your embracing Islam . First I want to ask are you a brother or sister? I assume your language is English? I will help you with all that you need Insha Allah. Can you join the community site so we can message each other there? Salam

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Walaikum assalam, I'm new to this site so I'm unsure of that, but I believe I've joined the community site. & I'm a brother from Australia. Thank-you for your response! :)

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Okay yes I see your a member in community , I will send you message now. Salam

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Asm Manshalah welcome to Islam you are lackey I will guide as much as I can inshalaah just contact me in my email

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Salaam(peace) alaikum (upon you) wa rahmatullah(and the mercy of Allah)!

Welcome to the religion that Allah chose for us, Islam(submission)! it is the religion of Fitrah(innate quality)(natural inborn inclination of man to worship his Creator prior to the corruption of his nature by external influences- that of the inherent nature of mankind). " So direct your face(self) toward the religion, inclining to truth. (Adhere to) the Fitrah of Allah upon which He has created (all) people. No change should there be in the creation of Allah(people will remain true to their correct Fitrah within the religion of Islam). That is the correct religion, but most of people do not know." (Adhere to it), turning in repentance to Him, and be conscious with Him and establish prayer/Salah and do not be of those who associate others with Him.(Quran 30:30-31)

by your testifying the shahada you are already a muslim, congratulation!! may Allah accept us by His mercy in His righteous servants. Elhamdoulellah(praising and thanks are to Allah), we could not be guided except when Allah guided us.

Allah created us to worship Him,(on the way He want) and he send us His messenger pbuh to be a model/practical example. and worship is no more than "do" and "do not do" and it is important to know/follow how prophet Muhammad(salaAllahou alayhi wa sallam) was doing in all his deeds that approaches us from Allah. Because the disbeliever is the one who rejected anything that the Messenger of Allah brought. for example some muslim might be drinking alcohol while he knows that it is a sin then he is still a muslim but a sinner muslim.. someone else might be not paying zakah and he knows that he is wrong so he is still a muslim but disobedient muslim.. while another person may be not drinking alcohol and not eating pork and believe that alcohol and pork are not haram or should not be haram, then he is kafir/denier/disbeliever/rejecter/covering on the truth. so there is no good deed but with an intention, and no intention except when following the example of the Messenger (peace be upon him). Islam is the actions of a muslim towards what he believe.. while belief is what is thought/believed inside the heart and Ihsan is doing good on its best way because of his continuous certainty that Allah is seeing him(his heart) and his actions.

I will tell you a hadith(saying) of prophet Muhammad to teach muslims about their religion;

Umar ibn al-Khattab said: One day when we were with God's messenger, a man with very white clothing and very black hair came up to us. No mark of travel was visible on him, and none of us recognized him. Sitting down before the Prophet, leaning his knees against his, and placing his hands on his thighs, he said, "Tell me, Muhammad, about submission." He replied, 'Submission means that you should bear witness that there is no god but God and that Muhammad is God's messenger, that you should perform the ritual prayer, pay the alms tax, fast during Ramadan, and make the pilgrimage to the House if you are able to go there." The man said, "You have spoken the truth." We were surprised at his questioning him and then declaring that he had spoken the truth. He said "Now tell me about faith." He replied, "Faith means that you have faith in God, His angels, His books, His messengers, and the Last Day, and that you have faith in the measuring out, both its good and its evil." Remarking that he had spoken the truth, he then said, "Now tell me about doing what is beautiful." He replied, "Doing what is beautiful means that you should worship God as if you see Him, for even if you do not see Him, He sees you." Then the man said, "Tell me about the Hour" The Prophet replied, "About that he who is questioned knows no more than the questioner." The man said, "Then tell me about its marks." He said, "The slave girl will give birth to her mistress, and you will see the barefoot, the naked, the destitute, and the shepherds vying with each other in building." Then the man went away. After I had waited for a long time, the Prophet said to me, "Do you know who the questioner was, 'Umar?" I replied, "God and His messenger know best. "He said, "He was Gabriel. He came to teach you your religion. "

The sin is categorized to Big ones and small ones and disliked acts.. the biggest sin is the shirk/association with Allah anything else in worshipping or in power and ability.. we believe that there is no power but by Allah, nothing has power except when Allah willed to give it the power, including us and the sun and moon and fire and every thing.. when Allah wills something He just say to it be and it is.. nothing will stop His will.. there is nothing as like unto Him and there is no equivalent to Him.. the One, the Single, the Only, all creations needs him while He is free of need from all worlds.. there is no deity except Him, alone, no partners to Him.

other big/major sins is the disobedience to parents(except if they wanted us to disobey Allah), committing murder or suicide, black magic, cutting off the ties of relationship, adultery or sodomy, taking Riba(interest), lie about Allah and/or his messenger, false oath, stealing, alcohol and gambling...etc I think you will find it all logic and working with your correct Fitrah(inborn nature).

So you keep on learning brother as we all doing. and the rule for learning is " conscious/taqwa with Allah and Allah will teach you."(2:282) so we do good actions with the amount of knowledge that we knew and Allah will bring us the knowledge that we did not know.. He will cause the reason or without a reason.. He is able on everything.. just open your heart and be a good receiver to Allah's light.

Please start by learning the establishment of Salah as a first step..(please be sure that it is my pleasure and receiving of good points to me whenever I help you with any question that you want, so please do not hesitate) and may Allah guide us all to/on His straight path which drives into His pure agreeing upon us and Jannah/Paradise.

Al salaam alaikum (peace upon you)

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