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A few weeks ago, my uncle (who is an engineer) came over our house to fix the light switch in the toilet as if you wanted to push the light switch down, it won't budge, so he came to our house and fixed it. After this event occurred, sometimes when I go to the toilet I turn on the switch and get a little electric shock in my finger. I told my mum about this and she told me that this is haram that you are hurting your own body. I told here what do you mean, please explain. She told me that you play the PlayStation 3 and the computer too much, so that caused a strain in your fingers. I don't know how this can be true because my finger just starting getting shocked recently, and I've been playing the PlayStation 3 and the computer for over 2 years, and now my finger gets shocked? The reason why I think my finger is getting shocked is because my uncle must have done something to the switch, I don't mean he must have put something in purpose to harm somebody, but something accidental that he didn't realise. Can someone please explain to me if it's true that I am hurting my body myself or it's just an electrical fault in the switch?

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Salaam Omar, let's not complicate the answer to your simple question. Yes, it does seem that your uncle has not installed the switch correctly and yes, your mother should have it fixed by a certified electrician unless she is open to being zapped too. Common sense. In relation to you playing your games so much so that your mother has made this comment and you also acknowledge this to be the case, yes it is doing damage to you. You should be active and moving about, getting lots of exercise and sharing your time between different activities ie studying, learning Qur'an, being outdoors,etc. Yes you can get RSI (repetitive strain injury) if you are playing your games too much. Google it and find out for yourself. Games are one of the biggest time wasters on this planet. Use your time wisely as you have been given only so much. Games will not benefit you in any way. Take care Omar and may Alaah SWT bless you and guide you.

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I don't have RSI, as there is nothing wrong with my hand or fingers, it's just this shock I get sometimes when I turn on the switch, surprisingly, it's only the toilet switch that doing this. My uncle is a certified engineer though, he may have made an accidental fault.

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salaam, Then let your uncle look at it again if he IS an electrical engineer. Hope you sort this problem soon!

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Salam, brother,

If you wash your hands in the toilet sink and do not dry them then is theoretically possible that you could get a shock when operating the switch; but this is very unlikely.

Your hands would have to be wet enough for water to drip past the rocker to the live wires behind it and complete a circuit with your finger in the time it takes you to flick the switch. This would give you an electric shock but probably only at your fingertips.

If your hands are dry when you operate the rocker then you should get no shock at all.

Most certainly a competent electrician needs to inspect the switch.

I hope this helps.

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Firstly, It aint Haram if ur 'hurting urself' by accident, and ur Ma's probably saying that to get u to stop playing (no offence to ur ma) and there probably is a problem with the switch; I know what u mean. The same thing happened with my switch. u need to get it fixed.

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