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Beloved, the system of ilm rijal was implemented after the time of the Rasul and the sahabah tabioon at tabioon, so when you ask about the hadith authenticity inorder to accept it or reject it we must weigh it against the book of Allah. If what is said coincides with the kalam of Allah the we accept it, if it dont we reject it. Allah azza wal jall has told us in the quran that the Rasul is US WATUM HASANAH the best example to follow. Point being, if any hadith in the sahih sitta that that states we should follow anyone, and they vlaim the Rasul has instructed so is misguidance. For the Rasul swas would never contradict the quran for he didn't speak on his own incliation it is a revelation revealed. So I must reject this hadith for it goes against the Quran. For this hadith suggest that we can follow the sunnah of someone other than the Rasul saws, whether they have the title saddiq or faruq. Salaam

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