Salam, so I have many friends that aren't Muslim but are very noble and well. They do not drink smoke or sin. But they were born into a different religion and how we as Muslims feel strongly of our religion they do to there's. As we insist our religion is the truth as do they, but my real question is if a noble man, does not convert yet doesnt sin besides the fact that he isn't a muslim, do they go to Heaven, as well as do people that have not been introduced to Islam suffer or suceed?

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Salam, Islam teaches that only those who believe in the Quran can get into heaven, no unbelievers no matter how outwardly "good" could get in. Christianity teaches that only those who believe in the Bible and what it teaches will be in heaven. With Jews it is the same. There is only one God, and there is only one heaven. There will be one time for each of us to die and then there will be no doubt as to what is true, sadly it will also be to late for the majority. If an unbeliever dies who has never heard of the One God maybe hell will not be as bad for him as for one who has heard of the One God and rejected him. Good question, I look forward to more answers.

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Look, who they aren't muslims when they do a good thing (if he were muslim and did this thing, he might go to heaven). If he did tis thing and he is non-muslim, allah may help and reward them but during his life not after death, like make them live longer or have a happy life....etc. But muslims, allah may reward them in life and death. And about, friendship with non-muslims, there must be limits, and they mustn't affect u bad. Making friendship with muslims would be better. And Allah knows more.

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Assalamualaikum brother. Ask them my brother. ask them about their religion. dont be afraid to ask. because if you are asking for Allah Taala pleasure, you considered making jihad. Do it for our creator my brother, insyaAllah He will help you. amin ya rabbal alamin. believe my brother. make doa. i pray for you my brother. insyaAllah. amin.

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