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some sufi book suddenly told me "work on yourself is ""the inner"" jihad I had to sleep until 12 am the next day to work it out I used to have books about the French and Algerians and I was crying

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Salam, To work on your inner Jihad or whatnot is to find peace withn yourself. Peace cannot exist in a society unless the individuals within that society change and experience peace within themselves.

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The inner jihad primarily means inner struggle. So when you refrain from temptations self desires and such this is an inner jihad. Keeping yourself from your eyes, mouth, hands in doing nothing but good. Forbiding what's evil and promoting what's good on the inside. Salam

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once prophet Muhammad returned from one of the battles and he said to his companions, "we returned from the small Jihad/resistance to the bigger Jihad" so they said; "and what is the bigger Jihad".. he said; "the Jihad of the heart."

And once he said, "indeed, in the body there is an element, if it was sound/right then all the body will be sound/right.. and if it was corrupted then all body will be corrupted. it(this element) is the heart."

as he also said; "the biggest enemy of your enemies is your self that is within your sides/body"

and in Quran; "But as for he who feared the position of his Lord and prevented the Nafs/ego/self/soul from unlawful inclination, then indeed, paradise will be (his) refuge."(79:40-41)

"And (by) a Nafs/soul/self and He who proportioned it. And inspired it (with discernment of) its wickedness and its righteousness. He has succeeded who purifies it. And has failed who instills it(with corruption)"(91:7-10)

our body is made like a kingdom. the heart is like the king and the 5 senses are like the intelligence/spy or ministers and the brain is like the advisor and the power of anger is like the police/army and the power of shahwa/appetite/desire of intercourse and of stomach are like labors/slaves ...etcetera so the successful king should control all of these things.. do not let his eyes rule him but just bring him the news or that the power of anger make a coup d'état and steal the authority from the king but they should be used for the protection/guard of the kingdom that the power of shahwa/desire should not be out of the heart's control or govern the kingdom but should be used with the amount that will keep the kingdom standing/living and in progress.

Also, each one of us has inside him some amount of arrogance(big or small), showy, envy, jealousy, love of money and position, proud and stingy... etc. we should monitor and minimize these characters.. so our heart will be purified.. and be replaced with humble, repentance, patience, thankfulness, agreeing, fear and hope(in Allah), in need to Allah and rely, truthfulness and sincerity, monitor and judging our self, and reflecting always in Allah.

the best thing I have read about these are in the book of "Ihya ulum el deen" (reviving the sciences/knowledge of religion) for Abi Hamid el ghazali (may Allah pleases and be pleased with him and benefit us from his knowledge) in the following link; ****

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