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my question is,if a girl and a boy do court marriage by hiding it from their families and then their families agree to let them marry can they do nikah again? by hiding their court marriage? need serious answers please

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There is no validity of court marriage in Islam. Because there is no witnesses for the marriage from both side. Also it is not performed in islamic way like there's had not any Mufti, Mulana, Imam who recited the verses etc. Its just a governmental agreement not a islamic agreement.

For her to be your wife you must have to do nikah in front of parents, guardians, witnesses.

Yes you have to do it again in islamic way otherwise if you do anything with her then surely you are doing sin because she is not your wife in according to Islam.

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i don't think court marriage is allowed sir becsuse court marriage e.g makes u follow the countries rules so like if u were in india and did a court marriage u would have to follow the indian law which is not Islamic so its not allowed u have to marry her infront of your family and the nikah must be simple not extravagant as extravagance is haram in islam hope i answered ur question sir

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