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Assalamualaikum. Several months ago I wanted to begin to wear a hijab. To start off small, I began to wear full sleeves full time and stopped wearing Capri pants and leggings. During the summer, I decided that I wanted to complete my look with a hijab and I felt ready. I did lots of research on hijab and the challenges that come with it. I asked my mom what she thought of me wearing a hijab, but she didn't approve. During Ramadan, I decided to try it anyway. When my mom saw me, she got angry and told me to go take it off. I got upset but I took it off anyway because I didn't want to make my mom even more angry with me. Ever since then, I've always been afraid to bring the topic up with my mom but I still really want to wear it. I feel like I am ready even though I am only in the seventh grade. Please give me some advice on what I should do. Thank you. Assalamualaikum.

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Why did u close ur own ?? Why doesn't ur mother want u to wear the headscarf?

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salamualeikum sis, i Quite agree with d fact that we shld obey our parent but not at d expence of disobeying our creator, Allah who ordered us to obey our parent also ordered d women to cover dem selfs. Obey Allah first before any one. You should use the hijab wether ur mum approves or not, but try ur besr to make her understand u ar doing it to obey ur Lord n not to hurt her.

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agree with umm hadi Lil sis..bdw happy to knw that u r in 7 grade and stil u have these feelings.. Allah bless u

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