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I was wondering whether it's permissible to kill yourself or let someone kill you in the intention of saving someone else such as a family member or friend or fellow muslim etc. I have heard about 'qurbani' and 'self-sacrifice' but are they the same thing as suicide? I know suicide is forbidden but are there any exceptions? Say hypothetically if someone grabbed your daughter and said 'you either kill yourself or we kill your daughter', would you be punished if you kill yourself with the INTENTION of saving your daughter? Also what if you jumped in front of a bullet knowing that you'll probably die to save a loved one or fellow muslim?


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How about a non Muslim?

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Asalaamu alaykum. Haven't you heard of the story (astughfiroallah) I can't remember her name . She was brushing the pharaoh daughters hair and dropped the comb she said while she picked it up bismillah. The daughter heard her and said, You mean my father? And the woman said no I mean Allah your fathers Allah and my Allah. So the daughter couldn't believe thus woman said that there is a god and not her father, so she told her father this woman worships a god besides him. So the pharaoh called for this woman and said who's you god ? She said Allah. Your Allah and my Allah. The pharaoh asked her again she kept to it Allah. Allah Allah. So the woman had 5 atstughfiroallah if im mistaking children the pharaoh sent for her children 1 who was still breast feeding. And he brought forth a huge tub filled with hot oil. He brought the first child and said who is your lord? She said Allah . So he burned her child alive , and the second and third and forth. She was holding close to her small child and he asked her , who is your lord? She almost didn't clinging closer she said ALLAH. and they burned the baby. She knew she was next and she asked the pharaoh before you do this I ask of you one thing . He said what is it? She said whatever is left of me and my children's remains gather them together and burry us together. He said ok. Now who's you lord. ? She said ALLAH. and she was also killed. Subhana Allah . Don't you understand this woman had zero doubt in her lord. her and knew on the day of judgment her and her family would be raised together . I hope you understand the point to this. Salam

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sounds like a NO to me. sadie, you ever hear of the senerio of the train switch tender? there's a train coming and he is supposed to switch the track, because there is another coming in the opposite direction. but his child is playing on the one track. so if he switches it he kills his child, but if he doesn't he kills dozen of people on the two trains. let me change it a little. let's say he and his child are muslim and there is only one person on each train, non-muslims.

btw, your answer has nothing to do with the question. if he had asked can you deny god to save a life, good answer.

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i mean not really a good answer, but an appropriate story. guess you buy into tay?????ah. yaqin, what's the word i'm looking for? to lie about your faith to save your life? what does 3:28 mean to you?

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