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If a pregnant woman is always reading Quran in the month of Ramadan, and then it when it comes time for the baby to come out, she releases the baby during Ramadan. She then has the excuse that for one whole month she doesn't pray or read Quran. Is she allowed to continue to touch the Quran and read it or she isn't allowed? Also, if she was reading the Quran from her iPhone, will she be getting the good deeds from reading?

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i don't get your first question do u mean after whilst being impure can she touch and read the quran or when she becomes clean and back to normal for ur second question- it is still good deeds when u read the quran on the iphone because u are still reading it but i would prefer reading the holy book itself i have read the quran on the iphone i read the English translations and listened to the sheik reciting it, i was told that it is still a good deed hope i answered ur question

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