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Asalamu alaykum brothers and sisters. I have a issue, the thing is my sister had a dream about me getting shot in the neck which means my death obviously and some time ago I had a dream similar 2 this but about my mum. Can anyone help please? If I have a dream about someone that is related to me or not related to me dying, what does it mean? Jazakallah in advance.. May allah guide us all on the straight path, ameen.

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this should mean your family members will live a long life, i have experienced soemthing simmilair, and thos e family members lived a very long and good life. pray for me please, im in a troubled situation.

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Thank u 4 telling me, someone told me before aswell but I was not sure. I will pray 4 u and please remember me in your prayers.

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Alhamdulilla, islam has rules on dreamin which is that if u dream good tell who u love best but if is bad dream don't tell anybody b/c if u tell someone what ever the person say will surely happen so becareful my brother. And u can seac for 'rulling of islam about dreaming' on ur phone or laptop. Asalam alyk

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Thank you for the advice and I am a sister not a brother, thanks for the help anyway but do you know what it means?

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Salam sister,

There is no one on this site qualified to interpret dreams; and I’m not going to try.

I will say that violent dreams often occur when we are traumatised by some event; or when someone we love is seriously ill; or even when we are afraid that they may be taken away from us in some manner. One person may tell another of a particularly vivid dream, and this can trigger a similar dream in the mind of the listener. Dreams are one of the ways used by the brain to make sense of many ‘messages’ it collects in the course of a day (most of which we may not be able to recall).

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My advice, for what it’s worth, is that we trust in Allah (Subhana wa Tal'la) and leave our dreams to fend for themselves. Reality is challenging enough!

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Narrated Abu Sa'id Al-Khudri: The Prophet said, "If anyone of you sees a dream that he likes, then it is from Allah, and he should thank Allah for it and narrate it to others; but if he sees something else, i.e., a dream that he dislikes, then it is from Satan, and he should seek refuge with Allah from its evil, and he should not mention it to anybody, for it will not harm him."

shouldn't have said anything. you should spit to your left. maybe throw some salt over your sholder. or maybe that is imitating the kufar?

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paul, careful. you maybe be shirk in thse statements. ask your son about the book of hadith on interpreting dreams. looks to me like they are either from god or satan? don't be breaking out any science of the sub-conscious?

spit three times to your left, with no saliva.

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Jazakallah for the advice, I will consider it and appreciate it much. Jazakallah again, may allah bless you all, ameen

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i was kidding dude. dreams don't come from god or satan, because neither exist. it is just your subconscience. are you going to be seperated from your mother and sister for any reason? do you fear being seperated from them? does your sister have any reason to fear you leaving.

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