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Asalamu alaykum brothers and sisters. I want to ask is listening to islamic nasheeds with duff allowed in islam. I have read in many places that listening to duff is halal but listening to other instruments apart from that is haram. I quite like some of milad raza qadri's nasheeds which he sings with duff behind. I also like some of maher zain's which have no music, vocals only. So is it allowed? Please may I also have reference from the quran if anyone answers. Jazakallah in advance. May allah guide us all on the straight path, ameen.

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Well, if played the duff is halal, and listening to the duff is halal, then what's wrong with it being played in a nasheed, a nasheed is halal, so a duff (halal) being played in a nasheed (halal), then nothing is wrong with that. Sorry I don't have a reference from the Quran but my answer is pretty straight-forward.

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Asalamu alaykum, thank u for the answer brother and never mind about the reference, surely someone might have it. Jazakallah khair, please do remember me in your prayers.

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