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Asalamu alaykum brothers and sisters. I am a very kind and nice person but the problem is that when someone says something to me, I get very angry quick. Even when my mum tells me off for hitting my sisters, I answer her back and tell her I didn't. To be honest I don't hit them, they just like getting me in trouble. Even in school if someone annoys me i say stuff back which i dont mean to. I dont know how 2 control my anger, please help. Jazakallah in advance. May allah guide us all on the straight path, ameen.

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salaam alaikum, Allah created for us the power of anger as he created for us the power of appetite as a soldiers who will help us in our life.. so we should use it with the proper amount and control it.. and not leave the anger or the appetite(desire) to control us.

the anger is very dangerous if it is not under our control.. it is like fire coming from the heat (or the boiling of the blood) of the heart and even influencing the color of the eye .. in a state which make shaytan very close to us. and the main reason of anger is the envy and jealousy.

Allah described the disbelievers' hearts; "when those who disbelieved had put into their hearts chauvinism- the chauvinism of the time of ignorance. But Allah put His tranquility upon His messenger and upon the believers..."(48:26)

and Allah described the pious that they control anger, "...and who restrain anger and who pardon the people, and Allah loves the doers of good"(3:134)

and as prophet Muhammad said "the strong is the one who control himself while anger." and when someone ask him advice he said; "do not get angry" and repeated it.

the prophet did not get angry for Dounya/world affair or for himself but he get angry for Allah. and when you get angry seek refuge in Allah from shaytan as his whispers to you while angry is very strong.. and our prophet Muhammad get use to change.. so if he was standing then he sit down.. and if he was sitting then he stand up. and as the prophet pbuh said to Eisha. "o Ouwesh say; O Allah the Lord of the prophet Muhammad forgive to me my sin, and depart the anger of my heart, and save me from the miguidance of trials." and he also said; "if you became angry then stay silent."


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Asalamu alaykum, thanks alot for the advice, I appreciate it alot. Please remember me in your prayers and pray 4 me, jazakallah again. May allah bless you and every muslim, ameen.

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wa alaykum essalaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatouh! may Allah accept us by His mercy among his righteous servants. same to you, please do not forget me in your prayers and may Allah bless you and every muslim, amen.

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salam frequently resite this dua (robana afrig aleina sobron wa tabak akdamana wansurna allal kaumil kafirin) i forgot wht chapter of d Quran it is bt i'l chech and get back to u.

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Ok jazakallah, have u found out what section it is?

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salam sorry for taking long. Its baqara vs 250 i.e Q2:250. Ssay it after evry salat at least 3-7x, with ur intention in mind while u recite it. May Allah grant ur suplication.

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Jazakallah, but can u tryand paste it here in arabic or write it like u did in the 1st comment? Coz I'm not good at finding verses and things in the quran, I just read the quraan normally. I hope u do not mind. Please remember me in ur prayers ad pray 4 me, I will do the same inshallah.

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