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can I know some information about GOD in Islam?

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It is strongly beliveved by Muslims that the attributes of God were always the same in all the heavenly religions but owing to the human interpolations, borrowings from other ancient pagan religions, the successive translations of the holy Books, many human attributes were giving to God in the Holy Book, this distorted the image of God and in the same time fostered the seeds of atheism. The Holy Book sometimes teaches that there is only one God (Mk 12:29; Eph 4:6; Jas 2:19), who is pure spirit (Jn 4:24; 1 Jn 4:12), the creator of the world (1 Ti 4:4; Heb 3:4), holy and good (Ro 3:4; Eph 4:24; Rev 4:8), all-powerful (Mt 19:26; Mk 2:7, 10:18) and worthy of mankinds worship and love (Mt 6:24; Mk 11:22; Lk 2:14)

however there are many ureasonable verses that depict God unable like humans and in some cases inferior to them. in the following lines we will shed some light on these verses and in the same time we will compare between what the Holy Quran and the Holy Book say in this regard. Why do you forget us forever, why do you so long forsake us? [Lam. 5:20How]

The same concept is repeated here:

long O Lord ? will you forget meforever. [Psalm 13:1]

Is it any logical that God forgets?

How can he that controls the universe be forgetful?

How can that under Whose hands lie the smallest paricles to the largest galaxies be forgetful?

Islam not only corrects this interpolated concept but also stresses thae fact that God can’t be forgetfull under any conditions.

The Holy Quran says:

(The angels say :) "We descend not but by command of thy Lord: to Him belongeth what is before us and what is behind us, and what is between and thy Lord never doth forget" [Al_Quraan 019:064

In Islam nothing can distract God from caring of something to caring about something else. Awake, why do you sleep, O Lord?(Psalm. 4:23)

In another place the Holy Book says:

Then the Lord awaked as one out of sleep,and like a mighty man that shouts by reasonof wine. [Psalm. 4:23]

What is that languge that the Holy Book teaches us while we address God?

How can God sleep? If He sleeps, then Who controls the universe while he is asleep , don’t tell me that the universe is controlled by laws simply the word” law” is no more than an expression to describe what is going on but it doesn’t tell us how that happens.

Sleeping is a biological process that mortals resort to refresh the exhausted organs especially the nervous system.

Please note that God is not like us, sleeping is equal to death, it is a temporary death. link text

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Peace(salaam) upon you

First I want you to know that we could not know God except when He told us about Himself by sending us Messengers to deliver to us His message. and by creating us on a way that we can know (some) about Him.

Allah(God) is the Creator of every thing including the time and place. (created means coming from non-existence) so everything other than God is a creation/creature. and nothing of His creation will increase or decrease or change in Him a thing.. He is free of need from all worlds while all His creation is in need to Him. in fact there is no power but by Him.. He is the source of power of everything. He is the living without a start/beginning or reason, the knower of everything, the Able on doing whatever He wills(with what we call reason or without reason), The Hearing, the Seeing..the Merciful, the Generous, the provider, the Kind, the Holy, the Peace, the Almighty, The Great, the Capable, the Owner, the friend, the Forgiver, the pardoner, the punisher, the powerful, the ally, the glorified, the Creator, the Inventor, the Knowing the wise the light the guide the truth the clear, the free of need, the one upon whom everything is standing while He is by His own... He has the good names(at least 99 names/attributes).

There is nothing as like Him, nothing equal to Him. (in this world or in our mind).. He is the One and Only/single.

He created us and preferred us upon many of His creation/creature and made for us the heavens and earth to serve us.. and He gave us the brain(ability to realize/understand/know) Him.. and gave us some limited characters that without it we could not understand his characters, like being; living, knowing, willing, able, hearing, seeing and speaking.. because these seven characters in us is like an EXAMPLE (not equal nor same nor even compared) to Allah's characters, so we might know some about Him.

We are created to worship Him, and we will not worship Him unless we loved Him and we will not love Him unless we knew Him. and we will not know Him except when He told us about Him...etc (if we knew Him we will surely love Him, because love is the inclination of our nature towards what is beneficial to us.. so how about the one that without Him we are nothing? if we just knew!

Good luck in finding the truth and may Allah give you and me (and all who wants) its light so we might see.

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What are you brothers talking about, lets deal with the word God in the english, I want you two brothers to define it than show me how it shares the same attribute as Allah or Yahweh the two revealed names of the one creator?

(Oct 03 '13 at 01:01) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

the question was information about God in Islam.. and that is what I answered, I did not know that this post is related to another post! salaam :)

(Oct 03 '13 at 09:03) inclined2truth inclined2truth's gravatar image

Al hamdulilah brother may Allah bless you for your intentions. Salaam

(Oct 03 '13 at 09:36) yaqin ♦ yaqin's gravatar image

wa alaikum el salaam brother, elhamdoulellah and barak Allahou fikum.

(Oct 03 '13 at 20:06) inclined2truth inclined2truth's gravatar image

Muslim´s call those who not believe in Allah in Islam a disbeliever, Muslim´s pray and believe in him. But really all that stand in the Qur´an is taken from the Old Testament. So God in the Bible and the Torah is the God in the Qur´an, but people or Muslim´s deny DENY DENY DENY DENY DENY... So you think you can stop me and leave me to die.... Yaweh is Elohim, Elohim is the Father, the Father is Allah. So Allah is the Father, but the Father is the MOST HIGH. For everybody needs a father...

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So you think you can stop me and leave me to die, oh baby, can't do this to me baby, just gotta get out, just gotta get right out of here.

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HAHA, funny....

(Oct 02 '13 at 17:46) UnknownUser UnknownUser's gravatar image

so you got a queen referance? but you don't know who nietchze is? you don't what to say if you know robert spencer. your name is flanders, which i took as an homage to the simpsons. your big on google translate. ok, i'm taking a swing on this one. your a christian 15 year-old white kid in michigan?

(Oct 02 '13 at 18:53) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image

Abul Rauf: Nietchze yeah... I understand, it is not so hard. Simpson the Cartoon? Big on Google, hmm you know there are more then that. So I am Christian a 15 year-old white kid from Michigan.. hmm are you trying to fish now? To fish you need bait, but first a fishing rod and you don´t have either so your hoping more then you can get

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