a foreign friend asked me for some information about Prophet Muhammad in English, can anybody help me?

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It goes without saying that violence of any sort, whether inspired by religious sentiment or secular interests, must be condemned unequivocally and in the strongest terms possible. This is in keeping with the best of Muslim tradition, which abhors sectarian rife, inter-ethnic conflict, and interreligious violence. This lesson is best contained in the example of the prophet Muhammad himself, who was repeatedly subjected to the worst treatment by his enemies, only to consistently disregard these insults and instead take the path of forgiveness, mercy and compassion.

He is known to Muslims as “the mercy to all worlds.” Indeed, this example is most succinctly summarized in the Koran itself, which instructs believers as follows: “The good deed and the evil deed are not alike. Repel the evil deed with one which is better.” link text

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Good work Muhammad...

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mtgm, you say muhammad was "the mercy to all the worlds". then why did he say it was ok to kill women and children?

"worst treatment by his enemies," like what?

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t was a world that aspired for the advent of a prophet, it was a nation that was aspiring for the advent of the prophet, and there were a tribe and a family and a couple good and fit enough to beget this prophet and when that prophet came, he was matchless ; he was a man that none had his attributes and characteristics, so high were his morals to be reached by anyone, his attributes that were behind the reach of the others; those attributes that prepared him so well for that long-desired spiritual message in the his city and the Arab peninsula but rather in the whole of the world.

So noble and ancient honorable lineage that he descended from and he was never that one of the common ineffective people to the extent he hold a mean a stature among a nation that bragged about its ancient lineage and nobility.link text

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i see why flanders would like that. another rambling madman. or maybe he's just promoting his website?

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Don´t compare me to a Madman, your the Atheist! So maybe you should come on over from the Dark Side? ;-) HAHA

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lol. fair enough. you just lose me with some of your comments? and being an atheist doesn't make me mad, just suicidal and what were the other things the koran was supposed to "cure" when i read it?

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I never said the Qur´an will cure you by reading it, it can be delusional..

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So Flanders doesn't believe in anything. Nice you fit right in with mike. Jesus himself said one was to to come after him. Do the research and you will find it leads you to none other than Muhammad saws. And the Almighty's promise to Abraham to make two nations from each son. Muhammad saws is the fulfillment of this promise. It looks like your problem is you have a problem with the decree of the almighty. Its okay if you don't like it. You will have to answer to him for it.

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Sadie: You seem delusional to.... So I don´t believe in anything you say, well I believe I believe in something that you can´t understand for it is ahead of your time.. Without a belief how can you get to the toilet or to bed or eat a sandwich???

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That I can't understand? Try me.. Im waiting.

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sadie, now that was just mean. flanders is a true believer. don't group him in with me. i think he believes in jesus christ as the way the truth and the light, and but through him do you get to his heavenly father, the MOST HIGH? the one true GOD, whose name is not allah.

flanders, sorry to confuse you. i wasn't saying you said the koran would cure anything. i was referancing mtgm's answer on the islam challenging atheism question. sorry i thought that was obvious, my bad.

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Muhammad, may Allah's peace and blessing showers him, is the best/complete man, the chosen by Allah, the servant of Allah, the Messenger of Allah, the Prophet of Allah, the beloved of Allah.

He was known at his people by the truthful and trustful from the blood line of prophet Ismail(Ishmael) son of prophet Ibrahim(Abraham).. his prophecy started when he was 40 years old when the holy spirit(Gabriel, the angel) came to him in the cave of Hiraa where he get use to stay reflecting in Allah and leaving the idols worshippers of his people behind, and Allah reveal to him via Gabriel "read".. and that was the start of the revelation and the call to people for Islam started in secret first to his close/near/relative people and then in announcing and he and his followers got a big hardship/ punish from the disbelievers.. he spent 13 years inviting to Allah in Meccah his hometown and then he immigrated to the city/medina/yathrib were some muslims invited the muslim to live and get protection for him and the muslims.. and he spent 10 years in Medina, may Allah 's peace be upon him. From medina started the real rise of Islam apparent above all other religions.. and he send message to kings of the world inviting them to Islam and some accept and other refused, and he warned them that they will carry the responsibility/burden of misguiding their people.. and Islam overcome in few years all its enemies and in few years the great two kingdom of Rome and Persia vanished and Islam ruled from china in east till spain/protugal in the west... etc

he was the best mannered in treating with Allah and people.. that is why Allah called him, "and indeed you(O Muhammad) you are of a great morality manners"(68:4)

he was sent as a mercy to the all-worlds; "and We have not sent you(O Muhammad) except as a mercy to the all-worlds" (21:107)

Allah said "O prophet, indeed We have sent you as witness and a bringer of good tidings and a warner and one who invites to Allah by His permission and an illuminating lamp."(33:45:46)

Sall-Allahou 3alayhi wa sallam

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