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Do I have to be dutiful to non-muslim parents?

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I too, have non muslim parents, and i felt i could only continue to be dutiful, but never to ascribe partners with Allah. This I say , because my parents to this day only tolerate me, but are cunning, as they try to involve me in Christian activities, for they are Sunday church goers for 30 years or more and have great influences and dealings with many churches in my city. So , my point is, be carefull, and hold your tongue, and be polite, but at the same time, decline from any un Islamic activities. I for one, have never celebrated christmas with my parents since becoming Muslim, nor birthdays, or sent cards out. These are the two main areas that non muslims love to focus on, especially if Christian. Charity is also a big thing in Christian circles, but there are also pit falls here too. Like fund raising in the Church, bring and buy sales. !!! so take some careful considerations and decline gracefully, to keep the peace. Beleive me it is an on going battle to appease non muslim parents. Allah be with you in all your efforts.

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yes you should obey them in everything that is not disobedience to Allah.

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On the authority of Saa'd (Ibn Abi Waqas May Allah bepleased with him) who said that verses of the Qur'an revealed his story. He saidUm Saa'd (his mother) swore not to talk to him ever nor eat or drink until herenounces Islam. She said: You claim that Allah commanded you to obey yourparents. I am your mother and I order you to do this ( to renounce Islam). Hesaid: She stayed with nothing to eat or drink for three days until she faintedbecause of strain. Then one of her other sons named Umarah gave her water todrink. And she started to imprecate against Saa'd, then Allah revealed thisverse in the Qur'an, which translates to the meaning of {And We have enjoined onman to be good and dutiful to his parents; but if they strive to make you joinwith Me (in worship) anything (as a partner) of which you have no knowledge, then obey them not. Unto Me is your return and I shall tell you what you used todo} Verse 29:8 - Surah 29, Al Ankabut. This Hadith is narrated by Imam Ahmad inhis Musnad and in Sahih Muslim in his Sahih under # 1748 link text

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so what if her parents aren't asking her to renounce her faith, just take out the garbage? or to care for them in their old age?

(Oct 02 '13 at 18:23) abul rauf abul%20rauf's gravatar image
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