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Why is the religion broken into so many sects. If your a believer in the prophet muhammed (saw) and love Allah then why put a diffrent tittle on it. Maybe im wrong but im a follower of the prophet (saw) and his teachings and a beliver in Allah nothing more.

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first iam sure you should state what are you anyhow....have a look and give us a reply which Among the many religions you see has no such Sects?

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AssalamuALaikum dear brother. May Allah reward you for taking your time to investigate the answer and may Allah guide you and me to the truth.

Like you, I also believe in the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

Here is an answer from the website of Sheikh Yusuf Estes, the national Muslim chaplain of the US on this topic. Please take your time to read through it as it is quite long but very informative.

For questions and answers on Islam from real scholars, you might wish to visit which is a more authentic source of information for Islam.

Also visit this site

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Any muslim who refuses to practice the sunnah does not love Allah and Allah does not love him. Q3:31. He who love the prophet must love and protect those who revive, Pratice and teach his sunnah.

The existence of various sect in Islam is inevitable. The inevitable of these diverse sect is as a result of the lack of understanding of the Kalimatush-Shahaadah or the refusal to accept its implication. Each sect is upon a different creed. And before the last day, there must have existed 73 different sect in Islam, each of them upholdind a different view in matters relating to aqueedah. The Messenger of Allah (saw) said: "... And this nation of muslim will divide into 73 sect; all of them in the hell-fire exept one: it is that which is on the same creed as i and my companions." may Allah make us to be amoung the exeptional sect. Amin

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It was a prediction of the prophet toward the end of time Islam will be like the previous nations it will split into 70 (I forgot the exact number) groups all of them are doomed except those who follow the path you are on (following the quran and sunna of the prophet) Inshallah we will be among those who are saved.

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assalam a'likum. As ur brother said, islam is big and special. It is our life. As a religion, there must be believes. I know that when u believe in Allah and Rasullallah, u r amuslim. But there is some other things that complete it and when ever u don't do it, u aren't amuslim. So, islam is diffrenet. Wa Allah a'lam

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Assalamualaikum Michael. Islam is big. There's no limit. We all are sharing and gaining knowlegde my brother. Rasulullah SAW said, translation: "There is no religion for people who do not understand." Wassalam.

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