during the semon(hutuba) of juma-a(friday prayer), the imam always to pause at during the semon and there is some recitation at that time.please I want to know, what? is usually recited at that time of the pause.assalamu alaykum

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wa alaikum el salaam(and upon you the peace), during the pause we make du'aa.. each one ask Allah from His bounties the du'aa/call that he want. (ask Allah for the good of this dounya/world and of the good of akhera/Last)

As you know in Friday there is an hour that in it the du'aa is replied. but it is hidden in the hours of the day of Friday for that we might keep the du'aa during that day wishing that we catch that happy-hour.

As Allah hide the laylat-ul-qadr in the last ten days of Ramaddan for that we should make efforts during all the ten days not only that night.

As Allah hide his allies/awliyaa among his people/servants for that we might treat everyone as if he is an ally/wali/friend of Allah.

and Allah knows better

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