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A relative proposed to a friends sister. The friend asked me about the relative which is a Complete stranger and I told her everything I knew about him including his illness That is contagious through intercourse. Other than that he's a good guy but I just couldn't hide this fact. Anyways they refused the proposal and the relative wants to know why and if I had affected their Decision. I'm worried specially coz my husband told me not to mention the illness. Unfortunately I already had Told her when my husband said not to. So he thinks I haven't said anything. I'm confused whether I've done a good or bad thing by telling. Please help.

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From my perspective, I think you did the right thing. I say this because truth always prevails. Lies and hidden facts are always found out at some point. It is a brave and scarey thing to do , to expose certain aspects and information. But your friend will certainly be grateful for your insight. Just imagine, if she married this man, only to fall ill, or discover later in time. Besides, it should of been the prospective husbands duty to tell the prospective wife of such problems etc. I speak here from a little wisdom, as i have problems of my own, concerning a husband who has not told me all the truth either. I am not bitter, just very disappointed with him. But also very ashamed of myself for being duped. So your friend has been alleviated from such dupes and sadness in this respect. InshaAllah i have thought right, as I hope to this is not an aspect of gossip, which can hinder, and be haram.

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Beloved sister.remember this one crucial fact, whenever you read the qur'an and you see the term, " o you who believes, " know that what comes after it is a comandment to do something or refrain from something. Allah azza wal jall has said in the qur'an, "O you who believe fear Allah for it is Allah's right to be feared and Always speak the truth that He may rectify your deeds and forgive you your sins. He who obeys Allah and His messenger has already achieved a great achievement." Salaam

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