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My wife said; "I am sorry, but I don't want to be with you anymore." That is all she said, didn't talk about divorce. She doesn't speak to me, I have done everything to save our marriage from moving to another country with her, getting an apt, take her rude comments and understatements just for the sake of our daughter. She is disrespectful to me and does not listen to me. I had to comeback home because after 8 long months the money was running out and business was not doing as well. She complaints of the things she does to me as if I do it to her. I am shocked to hear that she doesn't want to be with me, yet I don't hear anything about a divorce. She expects me to continue to take care of her financially even when things are bad financially, she doesn't help at all, not even emotionally. I have done many things for her, to satisfy her, I stop talking to my family, pulled away from everyone just to make it work. So we are in two different countries, she doesn't answer any of my questions, she just tells me what she needs or wants. What should I do. Sometimes I think she has no solid grounds to not want to be with me, and saying that I cant provide stability is not a valid reason. She makes excuses. Sometimes I feel she doesn't want to say the word divorce because she is afraid she will have to return the dwary money/

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Dear Brothers and Sisters, the reason why I wanted to post this question was to gain knowledge of how to deal with the circumstances of my wife not no longer wanting to be with me. I wanted to know how could I handle the situation or the necessary steps to take as muslim. I am not into witchcraft or love spell. I want to know about the laws, my rights, her rights.

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Which country are you in brother. Im in the uk. You might need to take her to someone who does Ruqya as in in spiritual healing via the quran. In most cases its is magic, evil eyes etc that ruins marriages. Please get in contact with me and I will provide you with legitimate scholars that do this. Im talking from experience as an imam myself so please trust me. Email me on n I will help inshallah

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Maybe she is scared of being alone, and having no money via your support. Maybe she is having an affair. For a women to act like this, it is usually the very simplest of reasons. Maybe she had future plans and they are not materialising. Stress can make people feel very frustrated and make complaints if things are not going as they would like. Examine your relationship from the very begining, and ask Allah for guidence.

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