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In Islam, the gospels used by Christians are not the true gospels spoke by Jesus. If so, where are they? Who has them? Why is there no trace of them?

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So the gospels spoken by Jesus in Christianity is not the true gospels, then if it is not then why are there so much that say it is? Who is YA HOWA?

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try looking in the Gospel of Barnabas, located in the sacred text site, with many other manuscripts, This book tells near enough a true reflection of Jesus, pbuh. But be aware, it may have been edited, I dont know, but its worth a look. In the Bible there is very little about Jesus, pbuh, as the Catholic Church banned all books, Gospels written about Him, that would deflect away from the true Doctrine. The Catholic Church decided upon making Jesus,pbuh, as a devine being, so they could not allow the true growth and progression of his life to be placed in the Bible. Jesus,pbuh, was also called an Essenean, try studying this group, They are far removed from the so called Christians we know of today.

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Number one, I read the gospel of Barnabas which a 16th century text. Number two no one in history, including Muhammad, ever made mention of even seeing such a text outside of what is the gospels today. History outside of Islam has never claimed that a different gospel existed. Even your own Qu'ran said to Muhammad if he was in doubt go to the current scriptures. Now, if the Qu'ran came down to correct the current gospels because its been corrupted supposedly, then why is the Qu'ran telling Muhammad that he can trust the current gospels which is clearly the same as the one today being used?

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@confused soul, beloved brother I wrote a book entitled Hellenism in which I'm giving away for free, that will answer your question with textual proof. What you said about what the quran is the truth. The injeel is lost brother what we have today is remanents of it. Once you read hellenism what went on would be made clear and inshallah you will gain insight. If you are interested email me privately on the community site and give me an email address and I will email it to you immediately. Salaam

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