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it seems alot of instances of muslims rioting is after friday prayers. a muslim once told me that the reason muslim pray 5 times a day is "to stay in contact with allah, and to continually recieve his divine guidance"? so why after "talking" to god do muslims become violent? if a equals b and b equals c then a equals c. so if allah talks to muslim and muslim are violent, therefore allah must be violent?

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what do you mean "not a question"? why?????? is the ultimate question?????? you in california?

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What?! Who in California. Yes its not a ? Why because you ask and answer with no stability and its based on your opinions. 3 ???'s and a link. Yes not a question .

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the question was "why do muslims riot after friday prayers so often". clearly that is a question. i put a link to show that they do. i was going to mention the movie riots, the cartoon riots, the burn the koran riots (twice on that one i think). how did i answer it. this would be an answer: well mike you ignorant pig. unfortunately in some undeveloped parts of the islamic world, muslim are eaisly swayed by an iman or cleric. these imans and clerics may not understand TRUE ISLAM.

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in fact they may have their own interests in mind. it maybe simply for political gain that they stir up the hoi polloi with false retoric and inflame the sentiments of hatred in their fellow man. totally against the teachings of islam.

just thought it was a strange hour for you to be up?????????? but i like the Why in there. does so some humor.

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OK I see, but if Muslim´s pray 5 times a day to stay close to Allah. Then why don´t Muslim´s love God more instead of fearing him more. You see that with loving him you get closer to him and shall understand that violence is not the way. But with fearing God then you get farther and farther away from God so you will not know what is right and wrong, so then probably you start with violence and killing. So fearing gets you farther away so you will not know good enough to worship good, loving gets you closer so you will know who God is so you will worship him rightly...

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Flanders are you only hope left?!?!?!

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