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Humans are called ashraful makhlukat. But most of them go to hell. I mean, they are such weak creatures and they cant do much. Their bodies are full of pain receptors and when they go to hell they feel unimaginable pain. Why are they punished so severly? Are humans cursed from the begining? Even after knowing most humans go to hell, why do we keep reproducing? I dont wanna be a human anymore. Being a human sucks.

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Dear Human,

The thinking-loop you are experiencing now is from SATAN, Prophet Muhammed (Peace and Blessings Be Upon Him)said:“All of my ummah will enter Paradise except those who refuse.” When asked: “O Messenger of Allah, who would refuse?” He (Peace Be Upon Him) said: “Whoever obeys me will enter Paradise and whoever disobeys me has refused.” [Al-Bukhaari, 7280

Ummah means Nation, (My Ummah)means: all those who followed the prophet Muhammed (Peace be Upon Him)

Allah said in the holy Quran - Chapter 58 Verse 10: Secret counsels (conspiracies) are only from Shaitan (Satan), in order that he may cause grief to the believers. But he cannot harm them in the least, except as Allah permits, and in Allah let the believers put their trust.

Do not let this makes you feel bad, you should be happy if you are a believer,



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@inclined2truth, if humans have the ability to change their character, then why cant i change myself? No matter how many times i try to change my image it just keeps remaining the same. Why cant i stop sinning and become a pious muslim like others? Can you write a step-by-step guide to becoming a pious muslim for me? You know, from my birth im extremely introvert and for this i dont know many muslims and i dont know much about islam. Im also very short, only 5'3" tall male. I am 17 yrs and have childish, skinny and weak features in my body, which makes it harder for me to follow islam and stay away from sins. No ones helping me i can cry all i want but no one comes to help me. Sometimes i wonder what is the purpose of creation of such a failure like me.

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dear XxHman549xX, the problem is not in the sin.. but in letting the sin separate/prevent you from Allah! whenever you sin clear/clean it by running away from it and asking Allah to forgive it. In a hadith we have been told that "a servant commit a sin and said; O Allah forgive my sin, so Allah said; My servant made a sin, he knew that he has a Lord who forgives sins and punish on it, I forgave My servant.. and after a while he return again and made a sin and say; O Allah forgive my sin so Allah said; My servant made a sin and he knew that he has a Lord who forgives the sins and punish on it, I forgave My servant.. and after the third time Allah will say ; My servant made a sin and he knew that he has a Lord who forgives the sins and punish for it, do whatever you will I forgave you."

Ask Allah for giving you strengthen your will on avoiding sins as you cannot avoid it by your power alone.. and knowledge will help you.. knowledge about your self as it is a step to know Allah.. and knowledge about your enemies(ego, satan and world).. and knowledge about the Last Day.. and when knowledge becomes certainty(without doubts in it) and this certainty becomes present all the 24 hrs.. you will(if Allah willed) avoid sins.

I will tell you an advise that I heard long time ago and helped me a lot walhamdoulellah.. assume that you are committing 10 sins that you want to stop and there is 10 good deeds that you want to start.. so do not stop the 10 sins and do the 10 good suddenly but start by stopping 2 from the ten sins and do 2 of the ten good deeds until you become stable/able with them (and if fall stand up and continue)(do not surrender in the battle).. then start another one or two as per your ability.. the most important thing is that you keep relation with Allah.. and to keep taking from His light small or big amount but do not stop this light with Allah.. which is so easy to get by intending Allah and to please Allah and to oppose ego and satan.. and make the last-day more prior/important than this world.. doing any good deed with intending Allah.. remembering Allah and Allah's names and Allah's Quran will increase this light.. let your heart be a good receiver to get Allah's light or by another world remove the veils which is hiding your heart from the light of Allah. And keep reflecting with Allah and Allah will teach even while your sleep when your body is sleep and your spirit travel in the unseen world and if it is pure/transparent enough Allah will let it see from the lawh el mahfuz.. all I mean is there is a pleasure in obeying Allah and being in the state of light out of the darknesses that is more pleasing than any known sin to you.. and it will not be known except by taste.. you should try and taste it by yourself.. being with the benefactor who is the giver of all good/gifts is better than any gift. (do not think that I am perfect or not committing sins but I am one of those who mixed a good deed and bad deed and wish that Allah pardon and forgive and submerge with His mercy.. by His generosity and mercy that encompassed everything.. He is the free of need and we are the in need indeed to Him. may Allah suffice you brother He is truly sufficient enough for His servant.

answered 387116 inclined2truth's gravatar image this link above is translation for some of the book of Abi-hamid el-ghazali may Allah be pleased and pleases him, born in 1058 AD. he is a big wise knowledgeable muslim that by reading a sentence of his work will raise you in knowledge.. noticing that knowledge is the pleasure of the brain which is always looking for the truths of the things.. so how about Allah the only truth that is standing by its own self and never change! I advise you to read some of the book of IHYA(Revival of Religious Sciences) in the link above and start by the "knowledge". enjoy and salaam

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@inclined2truth, jazakAllah brother/sister. Your answer made me feel better. May Allah increase your islamic 'ilm and grant you jannatul firdous.

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Elhamdoulellah! that is a relief to me brother:)) Ameen for your du'aa and to you too. and may Allah strengthen our light of faith/Iman and let us taste the beauty of the (inside) relation/presence with Allah(and how to be polite with Him)

and I also want to tell you that you are not alone.. you are surrounded by many muslims brothers and sisters, (may be they do not reply because they do not know but their hearts are with you. and wish if they can help you.) because we/muslims are like a bond structure. Al salaamou alaikum (peace upon you)

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It is because you do not know enough about yourself!

Human are created on the best form; in a state between animals and angels. we share characters with the livestock, fox, satan and angels. in desires of food and intercourse we are like livestock and if it is not controlled, then we will be like a pig. and in anger and fight we are like dogs and fox. and in making tricks/plot and envy we are like satans. and in knowledge and good deeds we are like the angels. So choose which image you want to be.

we are preferred than animals not because of braveness because the lion is more brave nor in the size as the elephant is bigger than us nor in eating as the pig will eat more nor in movement as the monkey is better...etc we are preferred because of the brain.. which can understand/know Allah.. and by the knowledge it can use the powers of desires and power of anger in a proper way/amount and can control/oppose/resisit the ego and can purify the self replacing the satanic characters with angelic one. so he use these soldiers that Allah created for him to come to Allah(by knowledge/faith and good deeds)

That is why someone can be in the form of human but his real image is a pig as his stomach controls him and more misguided than the livestock and another human inside him is like a satan. and another is like a dog. and another human can be by his knowledge and deeds better than the angels. (because angels are forced/obliged on obedience they have brains without ego that is why they do not disobey Allah. But human are having the choice between purifying the self and resisting the ego and obey Allah and so be like an angel or better(in the sight of Allah).. or live like a livestock eat and intercourse using anger and envy and arrogance just for a worldly affairs.. and those are like deaf, dumb and blind they do not see the right way for their own good.

May Allah let us enter by His mercy amongst His righteous servants

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