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Is a castrated male animal allowed to be sacrifised? Assalam alaykum warahmat'ullahi wabarakatuh.

asked 11 Sulcuts's gravatar image

waalaikumusalam, what do you think? haram or halal? the castrated?

answered 2329 Muhammad%20Izammudin%20Ismail's gravatar image

salam castrated in aminal is haram.

answered 1 omar%20ali's gravatar image

as for sunni Islam is concern castration of bovine animal is halal, but for shia Islam it is not halal.castration is done so that the animal may fatten and get healthy before slaughter. and in some goat species after the age of two year they start drinking their own urine which causes change of taste of their mutton(meat) the smell of that animal is to prevent that castration is necessary.

answered 1 man%20of%20god's gravatar image

while it is not necessary,it is not true to castrate.

answered 161 ehlisunnet's gravatar image

Jazakallahu khairan. Though, with reference to quran or hadith by bukhari or muslim, can anyone please quote for me. Shukran jazillan.

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