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Most of the questions that I don't know an answer for I just leave it out and questions that I know a fair answer for I answer. But do I have to be a "Qualified" person, that knows the Sharia Law well to answer questions?

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Beloved any answer you give can only have two sources which in islam is called Ilm ash Shari, that is knowledge from the Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Rasul saws. Now when dealing with the sunnah it has to be authenticated, as it has been reported by Abu Hurayrah that the Rasul saws said, " Many will come and say I said something, he who misqoutes me has earned his seat in the fire. When some one says I said something weigh it against the book. If it coincides accept it if it donot reject it." Brother, we as muslims only accept islam with textual proof nothing else. So whenever you chose to answer any question make sure you refer back to the qur'an and authenticated sunnah. Becareful of qiyas (opinions) for the first to use his opinion was the shaytan, and most fatwas are based on qiyas. Shaykh uthaymeen has said in a athar, " Islam is of four principles, 1) call to Allah. 2)call to the Rasul saws.3) call to the sahabah. 4) And I don't know. May Allah guide you salaam

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You must be qualified to answer Sharia- Fiqqh questions. However, if you can do a decent research about any general topics like (Why God is ONE NOT TWO) for instant be careful of the source and you can answer.

BUT ALWAYS remember bro (لا أعلم نصف العلم) and (و من قال لا أعلم فقد أفتى)in English ( I do not know is half the knowledge) and (Who he/she said I do not know, who he/she gave a Fatwat).

God Bless You and Good Luck Bro,

Salamu Alykum

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Good point. My version is even simple. If you don't know something and have no islamic understanding of quran and hadith PLEASE for your protection from sin DONT SAY ANYTHING OR EVEN YOUR OWN OPINION

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There's tooo much corruption from people who give their own opinion which people follow and that is causing too much fitnah.

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