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I have a aunt who is known to be spritually evil conducting evil things and is rumoured to be able to conduct black magic. We haven't been in contact with her for sometime and my mother had a dream of her in one of our rooms standing in a specific way reciting something. Approximately 6-12 months later I decided to get married as she is a member of our family we decided to invite her to the wedding, she came and stayed at our house. Oa couple of days before the wedding my sister and my mother saw her in the same room in the same position as she dreamt and when questioned, she quickly blowed on the walls facing her in the corner and said she done nothing. Since then things have been going upside down, with things happening outside the norm like people crying out of the blue, couples fighting between each other.

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You should know that Allah (willed to) gave the ability for some of His Creature to do magic and evil. But He preserved for Himself the permission of harming (or not). So seek refuge in what He preserved against what He allowed.. by his truth saying ;" But they do not harm anyone through it except by permission of Allah." (2:102)

We have been told that Souraht Al-Baqara(no.2) when recited in a place at daytime will prevent the shayateen from entering that place for 3 days.. and if recited at night then then they will not enter for 3 nights. and I heard that some people read/recite souraht al baqara on water and then spray it in the place.. I think it will be good to do so in the same place/room your mother saw her.

reciting souraht Al Saafaat also in this room will help, by the permission of Allah. and keep reading souraht al ikhlass and ma3ouzatayn(the last three sourah of Quran). as sayidna Muhammad get use to read them in his palm hand and then wipe by his hands what he reached from his body 3 times before sleep as a protection.

Al salaamou alaikum

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Salamaleikum,please is it the whole suratul Baqaral or some verse out of it?

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wa alaikum el salaam, it is the whole Surah for keeping three days/night.. while this surah contains aya/verse called Ayat-el Kursi (2:255) which protection also for example if we read Ayat el kursi before sleep then shaytan will not approach to us until we wake up.(and Allah knows better) and salaam.

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y'all aren't serious? but just in case you are right, yaqin put a curse on me. what should I do? any magic words I can say? lol.

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Here are signs and symptoms of black magic

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