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salamualeikum bro/sis. For d past 6months now have been struglin with black magic, have undergone ruqya several times and my husband had spent alot already, it lead to a miscarriage in march and till date my wicked relative who is behind it still keep sending jins to tochor me, causing different sickness and draining my blood. What bothers me most now is dat am pregnaant again n dont want to loose dis one to insuficiennt blood or complication cos i suffered alot d last time n lost alot of blood. Am holding on to Allah in patience with fear and hope. All i want from u is ur dua for me, especially if u ar performing this haj. PRAY THAT ALLAH SHLD GRANT ME VICTORY OVER THEM; STRENGHTEN AND PROTECT ME AGAINST THEM; AND THAT HE SHOULD EASE THIS TRIAL ON ME AND MAKE ME PASS HIS TEST. Jazakallah. I wish someone will at least show concern, i realy need this prayer pls.

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Asalaam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh sister,


I haven't any experience, nor have witnessed any of this - so it is difficult for me to comprehend. Could it not be a medical issue? Are you certain its magic/jinn etc?

However - I am your sister - and do desire that Allah alleviate your adversity. Insha'Allah - I do pray that Allah grants you patience through this, cleanses you of your sins through this, and Insha'Allah alleviate this difficulty from you...

"And certainly We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth,lives, fruits - but give glad tidings to the patient"


"By Time, Verily all of Mankind is at a loss/are losers Except those that1) have faith 2) work righteousness 3) teach good 4) have patience & persevere"

Try asking at ?

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