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Assalamualikum,, I am Mahmud from Bangladesh,,currently live in Dubai,,after 3 years of relationship i got married with my cousin august 16 of this year.shince that day she start fighting with me for the purpose of Amount of Kabin by day she fought with me for different issue,,Allah knows best,,i destroy my all income of my life for her,i was trying my best to made her happy,after 17 days of my marriage she made a big issue and we got fight with each other.then she left me and told me she will divorce me.but until now i didnt receive any latter from her.her parants is so rude and bad with out family since so long.after one month of marriage i came back to dubai to save my job and then i lost my job too,but to think about my family and relativs i want keep this relation and want to make her good.i checked with so many AlEM,they told me someone did strong black magic with both for us to separate.i knew she had relationship with someone before made relation with way i was protect her from that guy.cause the guy made her life so teribble,Allah knows how much i love my wife and how much i miss her Each and every moment,now im in dubai and she is in bangladesh,i came to know that she have contact with someone,im not sure who is this and her parents also so bad to me.whenever she talk, she do so bad behave with daying everyday because of doing everynight Tahajjot prayer and doing some kind of wajifa to get her ok.please anyone tell me what should i do to save my wife and my marriage.

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Here are signs and symptoms of black magic

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My Dear Borther,

All the sympthom i faced with my wife and still im facing,,,any wazifa or any solution i can do from far for my wife,please let me know


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