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Peace be upon you everyone .... my queston is that I'm very scared about that I'm a hafiz but lost all what I memorized because of my busy life and my studies so I want to ask how I can repent to allah and I even can't memorize quran again :( please help me but I read quran also how can I repent it to all please help me and also I want to know that I cannot grow my beard through some reason so it is sin or not ...thank u .....!!!! Please answer .......

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If you want repent in memorizing Quran again, you can avail some online resources. Some quality assistance is available from some websites like *. The courses will help you to recite and memorize Quran with better ease.

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Bro I AM A HAFIZ. my Advice STOP sining.Put Your Head Down.Be serious.make time every day for quran n build yourself up. PLEASE DON'T GIVE up IT IS ONLY SHAITAN TRYING MISGUIDE YOU .TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!

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Salaam beloved brother, Umar Abdullah has given you the haqq, inshallah, I want to remind you for reminding profits the believers. Reported on the authority of Umar ibn khattab that the Rasul saws said:"Everthing is by intentions, and we will get what we intended." Brother, you didnot forget the Qur'an Allah azza wal jall took it from you, for it was Allah azza wal jall that blessed you to memorise it, for it was Allah azza wal jall that had made it easy for man to remember. Islam is practical, so we as Muslims must just not memorise the quran we must implement the kalam of Allah. Not to do so is a major sin. You said,"I'm hafiz,"but how much of what you memorised did you implement??? One that only knows one ayat and implements it knows more than one that knows the hold book and doesnot implement none of it. One of my daughters is going to school, me being a parent, I want the best for her, now the question is, what is best for her? I told her that if she becomes the top of her profession at the cost of her Islam, she has NOTHING! But if she has a honest job lets say sweeping and mopping floors and she has her deen, she has EVERYTHING! For Iyyad Fadl said in a athar: " When a believer proposes to the dunya, the dunya will not be satisfied until the believer gives up all of his islam as dowery." Ponder this beloved, for I have reminded you, ma'shallah. Salaam

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May Allah reward you brother for asking this question. It is a god sign that you feel sorry for what you have done. Remember you should specifically repent to Allah from all major sins. Indeed Allah loves to forgive His slaves, so will we not repent?

Please refer to these answers.

  1. The Problem of Forgetting Quran
  2. HOW TO ERASE OUR SINS (please print this, and apply)

I pray that Allah once again makes you a hafiz of the Quran, and makes you a leader for His pious servants.

Make a commitment now brother to start memorizing the Quran again.

If you slacken midway, then make a commitment again. And again. Try to go back to memorizing the Quran even if you stop memorizing it some time in the middle.

Remember, change does not take time. Change is instantaneous. What stops you from changing now? Nothing in'sha'Allah. So change yourself, dear brother.

May Allah forgive us and make us better Muslims. Ameen

P.S. Yes, you should grow a beard.

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