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We have been married for 11 years and have no children as I have medical issues, however, we are guardians to his ten year old niece and 8 year old nephew, who live with us. My husband has expressed how empty he feels without his own children and I have supported him in his quest to find a second wife. His family were against it as they worry it will affect our relationship and we are looking after two younger members of his family, whom we love very much but when they understood I had agreed, they also agreed. He has had three refusals due to his situation and this I believe has helped him to decide not to tell the woman he has now chosen as his second wife. He is able to do this as she is living in her home country at the moment. He intends to marry her and bring her here in the next six months. I had the hope that I would welcome a co-wife and that we could live in a family unit, as I know this would really make my husband happy and I would be there to support my co-wife in her new environment and new country, but I am worried that she will lose trust in him and resent me when she finds out. He has said that as his wife she will learn to accept our situation and I have to trust his judgement. I cant help feeling concerned although my husband has already met her family,proposed and been accepted and he will be travelling there in the next few weeks. Is this acceptable as I believe he has told them I am the carer for his niece and nephew. I am a revert and seek guidance from you all. Thank you

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