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Help! Muslims help me plz! URGENT!?I am a muslim and i don't know much about islam. I might die any moment but i need to die with iman. For that i need to lead an islamic life and to accomplish that i need to learn a lot about islam. Me 17 yrs old boy. I just pray 5 salahs, and fast in ramadan. I still need to learn more about islam. I cant find a shaykh/mufti to help me learn islam. What do i do? Help me plz?

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Send a lot/many of Allah's sala(showers of nearness) and salaam upon the prophet. the least of a lot/many is 300 times.. and if you can make 1000 times per day/night, it will be best. As it is a command in Quran for the believers; "Indeed, Allah confers blessing(salah) upon the Prophet, and His angels (ask Him to do so). O you who have believed, ask(Allah to confer) blessing upon him, and salute him peace/salutation."(33:56)

and know that by sending Allah's salah and salam upon the prophet you will be known to the prophet sala Allahou alayhi wa sallam... and the nearest one of us to the prophet is the one who is the most in sending salah and salaam upon him. and by it you will be granted his shafa'a in the last day. and in this life you will be surrounded by the light of Iman of the prophet salla Allahou alayhi wa sallam which keep us away from disbelief.

sending sala and salaam upon the prophet and the istighfar(asking forgiveness) are the key word of all good and of avoiding all evils.

May prophet Muhammad salla allahou 3alayhi wa sallam be your teacher/sheikh and guide.

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@inclined2truth, brother/sister, jazakAllah. But how do i know more about the obligations and other necessary acts in islam?

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Brother go to the community site and register if you are not, then email me and we will begin with the basics inshallah. Salaam

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Bro call me on 07595878205 inshallah il advise

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@Faisal26, plz give me ur email or facebook address instead.

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To know all Surah, Aytal kursi, Yaseen with audio and translation,This app is designed for person who cannot read arabic language Download this app using link below

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