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Hello I say my brothers & sisters as I am not really sure how to greet you. I would like to tell a short story about myself so you know where i am coming from. I was born in Australia as a white Australian European decent (actually Finland). I was brought up the Christian way and fell apart from them when I noticed my family looked down at people who were not Christian. I do not believe in looking down at anyone for race,religion,colour etc: So I disowned my family only recently and am still waiting on a name change. We live in Brisbane Australia My wife & I and our dogs & I own snakes & lizards which are all my close family. I was asked by my kebab guy if I would like to come see Islam in his mosque as I am always smiling & happy. I told him no thankyou I believe in a higher being but religion seems to cause so many problems for everyone. He smiled & told me that we are all trying to get to melbourne 3,000kms away (think of a long way from you) There are many ways to get there,plane,car,bus,train & many routes. As I still believe, he said I would get there on my own private plane as i am not a sheep as long as I stay pure. This was not expected, from me & I regard this as one of the nicest comments ever made to me. Should I go to the mosque asi have never met anyone so peaceful as him and as happy? I had a run in lately with a horrible man called TheFatAussieBarstard on you tube saying we should torpedo them all (islamists) My defence was quickly blocked by this horrible judgemental man. I had no way of getting my point across, As Islam is in Australia & I am feeling like I would like to learn more & see more about Islam. Do I go to my Kebab guy & ask for his acceptance to the mosque? I feel Islam is, or the people I have met are probably better than anyone I have ever met, and would like to learn more. Is this the correct channels as a white man? My Kebab guy did never look down his nose at me. Will I be welcomed? Or shunned as I am not Arabic or anything but a white man looking to live a peaceful life. And the people on you tube like TheFatAussieBarstard are keeping us down, or trying to sway my decision in my time of wanting enlightenment. Thankyou for reading, I hope to get some answers on what I should do. Mik, maybe not your brother yet, but I see all men as equal except the greedy, Example the US Government.

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Go into it with an open mind. There are elitist people who call themselves Muslims as well, who look down their noses at people who aren't Muslim. Ignore them and just chill out. Read and re-read the Quran, it's a book with all the answers you could have, if you look deep enough. You seem like a decent open minded person with no prejudice or hang-ups in life. Take the time to truly understand Islam and everything it encompasses.

It's a beautiful journey. Pray to Allah constantly, make up your own dua's if you have to, that's what I do because I don't know Arabic.

Just go to the mosque and ask any Muslim there to help you. They'll be more than happy to take any amount of time to answer literally any question you may have. And when you get home, you have this brilliant forum to post questions on. It's a big supportive world-wide community, MashaAllah.

I'm going to get myself some kebabs now. Sudden kebab craving.

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Salam Alaikom brother,

You should go to the Mosque with the brother that invited you because maybe you will feel more confortable because you know him... I am a Muslim convert with white skin also... Becoming a muslim is the best thing I ever did for myself. Islam is a beautiful religion despite what some people or what you may have heard on the television.... Subhanallah Islam is a peaceful welcoming religion its a whole way of life... I am sure that you will feel so many feelings walking into the Mosque... Inshallah Allah will guide you to the right path and allah bless you inshallah.... Good Luck on your journey.. Peace and blessing be with you...

Sister Heba

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I agree with the other posts, and no you should not feel uncomforable in any way because of your skin colour, many white people convert and also Islam teaches us to treat every person with respect no matter who they are.

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Thankyou Muhammad, Thankyou lumisho. :)

I was expecting more help with the views my post has had. But I have come to the conclusion, as a muslim man "my kebab guy on Cnr Stafford Rd and Southpine Rd in Brisbane" who is always smiling and welcoming me into his shop, not just for the pretence of selling me stuff. But a genuine smile. "I actually drive an hour return to see this man", So I will accept his invite, go with him to learn about the Islamic Religion. I hope people are not the same as most of Christianity is, and not look down their noses at me. At the worst, I have at least learnt more about your culture, and the steriotype of Muslim people in Australia, WILL NOT be in my eyes. It actually has never been for me, as I see ALL MEN and WOMEN equal. There is good and bad in all cultures. The US Government though makes me see only bad in their sectular division. And I do not trust what they say at all. They are the only ones that I will never give my trust to. Thankyou again, & may you be peaceful, Or find peace. I will stay in touch. Thankyou.

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The world needs more open minded people like you. All the best brother, may Allah guide you to peace, happiness and fulfillment in this life and the next.

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God bless u brother. Take the right way to light. U will find that islam more than religion, it is life. Your character will change to the best. U will find peace, tolerance, love and happiness. Particulary, new muslims feel islam and the changes than who r already muslims... All what i can say now, may Allah help u take the right desician.... Tell us more about ur news. We are really excited.

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Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin. go my brother, go get your happiness. insyaAllah. amin rabbal alamin. And when you do my brother, dont forget about me okay? :) i want to know you much better.

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