Is a muslim woman allowed to smile? Especially the pretty and beautiful ones. When a man sees a beautiful woman smile, isn't it attracting the non-mahram man / making the non-mahram man attracted to her? Isn't smiling making her more beautiful and attractive? And, isn't smiling (to a non-mahram) something related to flirting? (Brothers, please give your thoughts on this)

But, how do we smile if not smiling is considered rude? Sometimes, we just naturally smile because we can't control it (when we're happy).

What about laughing? If it is a funny situation, are we allowed to laugh?

The reason why I asked this is because my male classmate advised me to not smile too much, because it looks like I'm flirtatious. Whereas I don't even talk much to guys. I only talk to them when necessary. I only chat with my girl friends. Another reason is because pretty woman have to cover her face (wear niqab) to avoid fitnah from men. So, that means she has to cover her smile too.

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The simple answer Is being in boundaries of Modesty.there is no harm in in smiling or laughing, again keeping within the boundaries. That means don't go crazy n start laughing like a nut case basically. Be aware of your surroundings n who you are talking to. Islam is no rigid sister. It is a guide to keep within tge boundaries of modesty. Let me know if that helps

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Thank you for your answer. Yes, I think you are right. ^_^ I will try my best not to smile and laugh too much in front of non-mahrams.

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