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what is the fate of the sun? Are there any evidence from quran?

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The sun contains, like most of stars similar in size, huge amount of hydrogen. All of that matter produces a huge amount of gravitational force that squeezes the star inwards.

In order to combat the inward crush resulting from the gravitational force, the Sun utilizes fusion power to hold itself up. This is the way the sun sustains its life and escapes collapse.

How does the sun resist collapsing?

At the Sun's core, where the crush is most extreme, Hydrogen nuclei is repeatedly pushed together and combined to form Helium. This nuclear reaction results in a huge amount of energy that pushes the outer layer of the star outwardly.

According to scientists, as long as the Hydrogen fusion reactions are functioning as they have in the past; the Sun is safe from gravity and can continue to serve as a source of heat and light for Earthlink text

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