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I heard about people who are called AHMADYA, what is the truth about them?

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A keen study of Ahmadya, a corrupted Islamic doctrine, and the other Anti_Islam doctrines will prove that they are the fruits of the western imperialism that conquered the Islamic world. The strongest evidence to this is that they always worked in the side of imperialism in the sense that they don't inspire fighting the concurring forces in addition to tampering with many of the religion facts.

 The apologetics of this alien doctrine can be classified into two kinds:

The first of these are thinkers who are just Muslims by name, they were never Muslims by heart and they are always affected by the western culture, which is against Islam.

The other kind of thinkers is priests and thinkers affiliated to anti-Islam schools. Both, however, are connected because they have one strategy and one final goal which is corrupting Islam- the sole pure religion now.

An example of the first group is Samir Ahmed Khan, an Indian cult leader, who, being influenced by the western destructive philosophy, was the first to put the seed of Ahamadya. He claimed that his movement is a reform and progress movement, this claim prepared the land for Ahmadya; he misinterpreted the meanings of some Quranic verses and founded a magazine to spread his which were alien to the basics of Islam. Moreover this magazine misled the Islamic thought, planting indifference among the Muslim thinkers and even spread troubles among the Muslims themselves in India.

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so what should be done with these heretics? crucify them? they spread corruption.

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