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how does Islam perceive suicide?

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Mike you and have debated this topic in-depth the question is kind of a slap in the face. Islam and suicide has nothing incommon. Paul is pretty sharp so I know he knows what he knows. And if there is a dispute he will refer it back to Allah and his messenger. Salaam mike

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It is haram in all circumstances.

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please provide "proofs". and you're a moderator. how'd dat happen? lol. sup yaqin? not looking to sharpen your steel any more? paul and faisal disagree on whether a wali needs to be present for the nikah to take. sadie seems to have told me that the jinn are extinct? thought you were the go to muslim for the definative answers? oh yeah, that's right, you are just a baby in the deen.

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Please don't presume to speak on my behalf.

Brother Faisal and I are in full agreement regarding the rules on Islamic marriage; and nowhere have we stated otherwise.

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paul, how did i speak for you? you say that her marriage isn't valid because her wali wasn't there. no need for the sharia council. faisal says her marriage is valid and she needs to pay the 400lbs and get the official divorce. that's not full agreement. that is full DISagreement. do you want to re-read the question and the comments/answers. or should i copy and paste?

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Prophet Muhammd says:

"The patients will enter the paradise without reckoning."

Also the prophet says" If God loves a certain servant, he will afflict him." Indeed affliction is a remittance of sins.

The Muslim knows well the least pain he faces is atoning for his sins. Suhaib bin Sinan (May Allah be pleased with him) said that prophet Muhammad (Allah's blessing and peace be upon him) said: « How wonderful! for the action of the believer, cause of that if he gets joy, he thanks Allah, and if he gets sorrow he takes patience, and in both is blessing for him ». Narrated by Muslim

The Muslims knows well that patience is one of the methods that brings him nigh to his Lord.

The Holy Quran tell the Muslim that all the prophets were afflicted with pains and calamities. Prophets are examples to be followed and great persons there is condolence for every believer.

A Muslim accepts all trials happily since these are from God. He knows well that such trials are tests that every human will certainly undergo.

A believer knows well that if he is afflicted with something, there is no way to go out but to pray to his lord and the reward is answering his prayer.

But what if one insisted on following the devil and killed himself?

What if he insisted on damaging something that he really doesn't own?

What if man insisted on following the devil unmindful of all of these free gifts?

What if man insisted on his infidelity and refused to submit to his lord and killed himself?

A fearful punishment awaits… it is permanent hell..

This is a deterrent way for everyone who think about killing himself, this is the best way that has made a lot of people think thousand of times before committing that folly, it is not logical to shut the door of life to open the door of hell just only to avert a problem that you will succeed if you tried again to solve. You won't be able to face the life with all its difficulties unless you believe in God and you won't be able to believe in God unless you read Islam--- just read it.

Allaah has made patience like a horse that never gets tired, an army that can never be defeated and a strong fortress that can never be breached. Patience and victory are twin brothers, for victory comes with patience, relief comes with distress and ease comes with hardship. Patience is of more help to the one who has it than men, as it helps without any need for equipment or numbers and its relationship to victory is like that of the head to the body. link text

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