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Do I have dutiful to my non-muslim parents?

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Islam gives parents full rights over their children even those parents were non-Muslims. The following narrations prove this fact.

On the authority of Asmaa' Bint Abi Bakr she said "Mymother came to visit me one day. At that time she was still a polytheist andthere was a pledge between the Prophet , Peace and Blessings be Upon Him, andQuraish (one of the great tribes in Arabia that lived in Mecca in the preIslamic Period of Ignorance who used to enjoy great spiritual and financialpowers). I requested the Prophet's , Peace and Blessings be Upon Him, religiousverdict and said: Oh Prophet of Allah, my mother came to visit me, seeking myhelp; should I keep a good relationship with her? Yes, keep a good relation withher said the Prophet, Peace and Blessings be Upon Him:. Reported by Bukhari andMuslim, and this narration is listed in Sahih Muslim under # 1003.

In another version narrated by Ahmad, on the authority ofAsmaa' Bint Abi Bakr she said " My mother came to visit me when she was still apolytheist and she was living amongst Quraish. She was desirous, meaning inneed, so I asked the Prophet , Peace and Blessings be Upon Him, and said: OhProphet of Allah my mother came to me and she is a polytheist and she needshelp. Should I keep a good relationship with her? He said yes maintain a goodrelationship with herlink text

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