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many people say that the centre of the religion 1,500 years ago was the problems of the mankind or was it that the mankind was doing what it was supposed to and the religion described this there are signs of this in Sufism and chivalry and it would be great if there was colour photography 1,500 years ago

hadeeth are defined as subtle, noble and sublime

surely the sociological system was highly advanced at that time and always reading b/n the lines

likewise some of the atrocities of the community were to the average man not very subtle or IQ oriented

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@happymuslim please rephrase your question so as to be clear in what you are stating or asking. Salaam

(Oct 13 '13 at 02:24) stronghold ♦ stronghold's gravatar image

Our beloved happymuslim normally doesn't ask yet just post his very thoughts of all kinds of things. Its well his character here. I've been here a year and have yet to even hold one convo with him. Salam

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Can you please state this again more clearly please? Salam.

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