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Is Arabic language the only language that will be used in paradise(jannat)? I wonder if there is any statement about this inthe koran or in Hadith。

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There are many disputes and unclear knowledge as regards this subject. Scholars will not answer this, because of controversy in Hadiths, be they sound, unsound or fabricated. There is no mention in the Quran, about the language in Paradise, Jannah. Also this subject is some what a no go area, even though we have many facts on what Jannah and jahhannam are like and how we will to some degree live our lives there. Which to me raises some doubts and questions as to why this is not discussed. The sahabaahs and disciples would talk about Jannah and jahannam, with smiles and tears. And I am sure this is a question even they would of asked at some point. The Arabic language, being an incorruptible language, holding 7 meanings to each word has in its self, an ability to be pure and very expressive. The Quran, is in Arabic, being a most powerful book in its own right. Adam, spoke Syriac. How pure was this compared to Arabic?? Maybe there is a complete unknown language for Jannah. Farsi is mentioned as being the language of Jahannam.?? This is the hadith under speculation and called fabricated by some but sound to others. What I have to ask myself, what creed ,background do these modern day scholars have!!! baring in mind there is disunity amongst schools of thought. It was narrated by al-Tabaraani in al-Awsat, al-Haakim, al-Bayhaqi in Shu’ab al-Eemaan and others that Ibn ‘Abbaas (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Love the Arabs for three reasons, because I am an Arab, the Qur’aan is Arabic and the speech of the people of Paradise is Arabic.”

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why does gold hold value in heaven?

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In Jannan there is no money as a concept, there for gold and silver are in abundance and have no value as on Earth. Gold and silver are as pearls, and water and milk, all are divine and of the same beauty and merit, as all is of beauty in Jannah

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