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I was in a debate the otherday and a man said to me that everyone born has a navel proving that we were all attached to a woman. He said Adam had one also because he was attached to a woman. Meaning woman was would you combat this??

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You re not serious. Just say how do you know he had a belly button. It's a child's joke. How would you know Adam and eve.

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I will say No. (and Allah knows better). Because Allah showed us three special cases in producing us. our birth from male and female is the normal case. but the special cases are; Adam is without male nor female, Eve is from male and without female, and Jesus is from female without male.

and for both Adam and Eve, I assume they did not have a novel since they are not from female. and their life started in Jannah/Paradise.

I heard that the food/trees in Jannah were from light (without weight) except the forbidden tree which was similar to our food(with weight in it).. so when Adam and Eve ate from it their stomach start move/work .. and realized their private parts so they tried to hide it with the leaves of Jannah.. and they wanted to do toilet which is not possible in Jannah. and so they were kicked out of it and were sent down into earth. (and Allah knows better).

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