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Are Chihuahuas considered dogs in Islam ?

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I would be very grateful

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I know its a stupid question lol. But please

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Nope theyre not. But who said you couldn't keep dog ?

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Really ???? :D. Shukr Allah. I took in a very sick and old Chihuahua last year , before I reverted to Islam , so I didn't know we weren't allowed to have dogs. I live in the desert so I cant keep her outside , the rattle snakes and Scorpions are very bad here and the heat makes her even more sick :/ ive felt stuck about keeping her inside my home because I heard angels won't enter a home with dogs inside. But by keeping her inside im helping one of Allah's creations stay healthy and happy for the last years of its life. She is the sweetest animal ive ever met and I think of her as blessing from Allah because she makes everyone she meets smile and laugh. But she doesn't behave like a dog at all and she hardly even looks like one hahaha. I heard Chihuahuas only share a little bit of DNA with dogs. Im just confused about what to do and where Islam stands on these sweet fox look alikes haha.

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Chihuahuas are dogs.

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Hmmmmmm I am even more confused now.

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