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My parents were formally muslims but now they've converted 2 christainity and they don't even like 2 hear anything about islam,but i hav pity 4 their soul and also my siblings are already been mislead wat ken i do 2 bring them back?and most especially my younger ones,what ken i do?

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This is a sensitive issue and must be dealt very carefully. I need to ask do you know why they converted to Christianity? Secondly, we all know that Allah is the one who guides and misguides.. What you should do is prey for them n ask allah to guide them. Give them small doses of islamic teaching if nothing works just fulfill your responsibility as a child of theirs. Treat them with kindnesses. Remember these are our parents for this world only n in the hear after it will be different so don't beat yourself over it too much. Hopefully this will help

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My heart goes out to you. I have christian parents. I am Muslim. Be the strongest Muslim you can be, and make dua, constant for your parents. If it is meant to be, they will return. As I know the mentality of Christians, it is a far easier lifestyle for them, and a lacked way of life, without to many responsibilities. I think it also is a test for you., and all you can do is to keep your siblings in knowledge of Islam, even if they are now being taught Christianity. Become an example to your siblings, and your parents and let them see how you are most contented and happy as a Muslim. Dont show any weakness, or depression. Your siblings in time will choose also, their path in life, and inshaAllah, it will be Islam. As for your parents future, do not grieve, as Faisal said, be kind and gentle, treat them with respect also, and be very understanding.

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