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I'm not the best daughter or Muslim out there but I care about my parents. Both of them are Muslims and I was raised a Muslim but the extent of our faith is questionable. When I was younger, they did set up a good example. My parents regularly prayed and we would do jemaah prayers. Gradually, our faith dissipated. I said 'our' faith because I myself am not a perfect Muslim. Sometimes I don't know what comes over me as there are times when I miss out on my prayers. I am trying all I can to do them as it is wajib. This is even more difficult as my parents are being what I don't want them and myself to be. I don't know how and it is perfectly human but we have gone astray. They don't pray anymore. I don't know what to do because it feels weird. Even though I feel that it is the right thing to do to confront them, I am scared that I would offend them. A child correcting their parent? They might take it the wrong way. My mom is not too bad. She knows it is important but she is too distracted with taking care of my younger brother. My dad is a completely different case. He used to be so strong spiritually - never neglecting his prayers and he would always perform dzikir. I don't know what has become of him. He is not doing haram things like drinking of that sort but he is becoming that of a Munafiq. I am so worried for my family and myself.

Please give me advise on how to strengthen both my iman and my parents', especially theirs.

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It takes great strength and dedication in some respects to stay strong. Even harder if you are living amongst those that have stopped practicing. I think maybe, as you have the concerns, and some drive, is to just buckle down in your prayers. Observe them on time, do zikhr, and become that upstanding Muslim you want to be. Your parents are not the ones holding you back. Granted they should be leading by example. But i think now, it is your turn to lead by example. Time will only tell, and your parents will be proud of you, and if not, a little embarrassed for themselves. This might spur them on to get back to their prayers, etc. People do become lost sometimes, Allah knows, ive witnessed it too myself. And often or not, these people will return back to the straight path.,,,,inshaAllah. It is also said, that our children can teach us great lessons by watching them, and the prophets always respected the children. In due time or as you begin to excell once again , you can just remind your parents, gently, as to what they are missing out on. My best wishes to you,,,,

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