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I have been assigned to work on eid, can I go after sallah because i need the money?

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Well the day of eid is a day of celebration n should really be spent with family n friends. Obviously in this day n age we all have financial difficulties but even then I would say it is more beneficial for you to spend Eid in celebration of Eid rather than at work. Remember the rizq as in livelihood of a person is written by allah n that person will receive it regardless. There is a beautiful saying in Arabic "that which is meant to reach you will reach you..even if its stuck between two mountains..and that which is not meant to reach you will nit reach you even if its sitting on on your lips. Subhanallah. Easier said than done. But like I said brother. Eid is only twice year. 2 days in a year. If we can't take a day off then whats next. ..make eid a proper day. You will enjoy it. Allah has made it a day for happiness. Inshallah allah will increase you in health.

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Needs to be closed

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